Wanna know what we’re up to? We’ve developed plans that will help us get to 2020 and beyond!

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Strategic Plan

Chicago NORML board members meet regularly to keep pace with the quick-changing landscape of cannabis in our state. Our 2020 plan provides us with a roadmap to stay focused on our mission.

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cannabis marketplace

Our initiative is a first of its kind collective impact project for the cannabis industry.  An ecosystem for cannabis entrepreneurs.  That is going to drive tremendous impact to the local economy. We are creating a central hub that will become a destination center that will be a model for the country.


cannabis resource connection portal

Social equity applicants are looking for resources, i.e., capital, writers, consultants. Our resource portal can pair them with the resources that they need to produce better applications and business plans. To get connected, members & interested parties will login to find the desired resource or applicant type.