Clear as Smoke, by Jondae Scott

Sister Jondae, as we call her, has been creating thought provoking cannabis content for a minute now. On her blog, Clear As Smoke, she does the hard work each week to introduce us to black women who are doing their thing in the cannabis space with her informative WCW (Women in Cannabis Wednesdays) series.

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Jondae Scott
Dear Black People

…we must acknowledge the detrimental effects of the racist war on drugs if we expect our communities to benefit from adult use cannabis legalization in IL…

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Kiana Hughes
Bringing Hemp to Illinois

While farmers do not believe hemp is a game changer, they are glad for the ability to diversify land use and introduce a new crop that is easy to grow in Midwest climates.

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Kohl Neal
Advocacy through Education

We want to inform our communities about current policies and engage them on what policies best serve their interests.  Further, we are engaging with our lawmakers to ensure that the needs and concerns of communities are being considered.

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Kohl NealComment
Four Twenty.2018

Chicago NORML will always be down for a celebration!  We encourage our friends, followers and community members to c'mon out & celebrate with us.

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Edie Moore